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Buy a serviced and tesed buffer board ND60200-0047, then send your old one back to receive credit...but please read the listing first!

Out of stock

( alternatives are available – see below )

This board is out of stock, but the following options are available:


Coppell TV Repair offers you a serviced and tested buffer board ND60200-0047 similar to the one shown on the picture.

The board will have one or more failed ICs replaced by a Coppell TV Repair LLC technician and would have passed a 10-20 minutes burning process to ensure its functionality.

Once you receive and install it successfuly you can return your old buffer board ND60200-0047 to receive a credit for the amount stated towards the original payment, provided the returned buffer ND60200-0047 meets the specified criteria (see section below).



Buffer boards Hitachi ND60200-0047 usually fail because the ICs used on them have limited life under the conditions they operate; why do they have a limited life is a separate subject on which you may find more at our blog and elsewhere on Internet.

When an IC fails on ND60200-0047, it usually fails alone, but the shock it creates to the system can sometimes lead to more ICs getting damaged, as well as components on other modules, specifically the sustain board. This actually holds true for most plasma TV buffer boards, not just ND60200-0047.

Sometimes it is the sustain board or another board that causes the failure, in whichc case the buffers are the victim, not the source.

(In either case it is essential that it is verified that the sustain board and everything up to it is functioning properly before installing good working buffers - be it new or used or serviced. If this is not done there is always a risk that they'd be smoked - either immediately or shortly after being put to work.)

The described tendency of the ICs on the buffer boards to wear out and fail means that it is always best to use brand new buffer boards as opposed to serviced or used ones unless, of course, a service takes care to replace all ICs on a buffer.

When we service a buffer board we do not replace all ICs on it and neither does anyone else we know in this business. This is simply because it is cost prohibitive to do so. It is like bringing your car to a mechanic asking him to take it all apart and put it back together. It is too expensive.

We replace the ICs that are bad, stick the board in a TV and burn-proof it for about 10-20 minutes before slating it for use / sale.

There is no way of telling how much life it has in it. Could be a day, a week, a month, a year..nobody knows.

You should use serviced buffers when out of other options and you should know that you are betting on job well done by you, service technicians as well as luck.

The only way to get luck out of the picture is to use brand new, never used buffer boards; then if something fails you have a whole lot more ground to blame service technicians.



We do NOT offer warranty on buffer boards sold through this listing for the following major reasons:

1) If you have a failed sustain board (in a particular way) it may cause any newly installed good working buffer board to fail; it is usually instant, but can sometimes take a while before a problem appears; of course that may also be due to a problem elsewhere, sucha s the main plasma logic board, which controls the sustain boards and tells them when and how to output sustain voltage.

2) As explained above all serviced buffer boards have decreased life expectancy that is not possible to measure upfront or predict.

We put time and money in restoring and testing those buffer boards and given there are factors beyond our control that can damage them (pretty quickly at that) we are not comfortable giving any type of warranty beyond publicly confirming that we stand behind what we say in those listings.

Instead, we disclose the facts to you, the buyer, and let you make a decision.

We guarantee that every board has been serviced and tested, but we do NOT guarantee it will work at all, let alone for how long, on your end.

We'd rather lose a sale than do the stupidity of promising something we can't control.

By bringing your attention to that we sincerely hope you take the same approach and take responsibility for your own decision...take your time, do your research, decide if you trust us and once you do take your share of responsibility for the outcome.


Installing Hitachi buffer ND60200-0047 is difficult.

The most common issue and complaint we get is that newly installed buffer does not work as it has black horizontal lines accross the screen.

This is because it is very difficult to properly insert the display plugs properly in the buffer's connectors.

What usually happens is they do not get all the way in on either one or both sides - top and bottom - resulting in a partial or full lack of contact between the connector and the copper tracks on the plugs.

There are two small ears on each plug - on top and bottom - and those need to get far enough inside to lay into a very tiny channels made for them; look closer and compare with the other connectors and you should be able to see the difference.


Upon receiving and installing the purchased module buyers can return the old one to receive the advertised credit. Returns are optional and buyer's responsibility; it is usually OK to reuse the original packaging unless it was visibly damaged beyond normal use (in which case we usually hear from buyers anyway).

The credit will normally be issued as a partial refund towards your original payment; when this is impossible or inapplicable we may use other forms of payment such as PayPal or check.

It takes 2-5 business days after the delivery of your board to us for it to be processed and the refund issued.

In order to receive the full advertised credit the returned dud must meet all of the following conditions:

1) It must be sent back within 14 calendar days of the delivery of the module you purchased from us, both per carriers' records. Make sure you keep your tracking number, you may need it!

2) The board must arrive in good physical condition allowing subsequent electrical repair and reuse of the board. Sometimes when components fail and burn they also leave burn marks on the board. Most of the time such traces are not affecting the ability to restore the board's functionality, but in some extreme cases this may be a problem.

3) The board must not have missing or replaced components or have otherwise been tampered with.

Exceptions vary from all 3 listed conditions, but we reserve the right to be the judge on whether your board qualifies for an exception.

If a board arrives that does not meet the above conditions and we do not consider it appropriate for extension we will contact you and offer you to get it back for the sole cost of the return shipping and/or offer you a trade-in price we consider reflecting its condition.

The returned module must arrive in good physical condition and without previous traces of repairs or tampering in order to qualify for the full advertised credit.

Modules that do not meet those criteria will be subjected to partial refund or no refund at all (depending on their condition and trade-in value).