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Use this form to request shipping instructions for the modules you want to send to Coppell TV Repair for diagnostic and/or repair service.

The form will be sent to the supplied email address immediately and we kindly ask that you print and enclose it along with the boards you send to us.

Do NOT use this form to ask us questions! The information supplied will only be used upon receiving and servicing your modules.

I have read and agree with service terms and conditions:
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This agreement constitutes general and specific terms and agreems governing the relation between Coppell TV Repair LLC ("Vendor") and any party ("Customer") sending or having sent for repair electronic modules as per Vendor's repair service offerings at Vendor's website.


1.1. Unique marks / identification by signature, stamp, picture etc.

Vendor requires that boards sent for test and repair are uniquely marked somewhere on the PCB itself, best at two different places (in case one gets washed out or otherwise affected by the testing/repair process).

Signatures or markings with a Sharpe are one easy way to uniquely mark the board.

Vendor also recommens that Customer takes a picture of the board with the sign so it can be provided needed.

1.2 Boards clean from dust and debris

Canned air duster is the fastest and easiest way to clean up a board nicely.

It costs time and money if we have to do it for you and we reserve the right to assess up to $10 charge for cleaning up boards that arrive with spider webs, dust and debris on them.

1.3 No physical damage, no traces of tampering and no previous repair attempts

Most or all of our repair service offerings require that boards sent to us for repair have no physical damages, traces of tampering or of previous attempts (unles done by us and carrying our service sticker).

This includes, but is not limted to physically damaged connectors, torn surface mounted components, soldering attempts, component replacements etc.

Signs of natural electrical failures are not affected by the above requirement. Those include, but are not limted to electrical burning signs, cracked, burned or melted components, solder cracks and fire smoke traces .

1.3.1 Handling of boards that fail the stated criteria

When we receive boards that fail to meet our criteria we will notify the customer and stop processing until we hear back from them.

The only option guaranteed to be available at this time is returning the board back for the sole cost of return S&H.

Depending on our assesment of the board's condition we may also offer a flat rate "restoration" fee for bringing the board to the condition in which are are supposed to receive it in order to test and eventually service.

Customer has the right to reject our offer and request the board to be returned back.

If customer approves our restoration offer they will be invoiced and we will restore the board to the best of our abilities upon receiving payment.

Restoration fees are not refundable; they do not guarantee outcome of the repair service and a merely compensation of our time and resources needed to bring back the bord to condition it should have been in the first place when arrived.


Most of our repair services come with a limited period of warranty. It is usually 90 days, but may vary from one listing to another, so make sure to read the listing's specific terms and conditions.

If none are specified please notify us and assume that 90 days warranty is offered on the advertised repair service.

Note in some rare cases there may be no warranty offered for particular repair offering. In such cases it will be promptly stated and accented in the listing.

When a customer receives serviced module(s) and they do not restore the appliance's functionality or if the appliance fails within the warranty period and customer suspects it is because of the serviced modules we require that we are contacted and given a chance to conduct, at our decision, a brief remote troubleshooting in attempt to help both customer and ourselves from spending more time and money on the case.

Should such a remote troubleshooting fail to produce satisfactory results for Customer the following warranty procedure is to be followed:

- Customer sends, at customer's expense, the module(s) subject to warranty service to Vendor in the same fashion they were originally sent for test and repair; the board(s) sent must carry the Vendor's tag with date of original service performed; they must be sent before the expiration of Warranty Period, per service record date (also shown on the service tag) and carrier's records.

- Vendor, at Vendor's cost, tests and if necessary repairs or, subject to Vendor's ability and discression, exchanges the returned module(s) with functional equivalents; Vendor then makes a video proof of the modules' functionality before they are sent back to customer.

- If Vendor fails to provide functionality proof if the warrantied modules Vendor is to issue Customer a full refund of the repair services costs paid (excluding restoration fees covered in 1.3.1) and sends back, at customer's expense, the defective module(s).

- Upon producing and publishing functionality proof Vendor sends, at Vendor's expense, the modules shown in the video, to Customer.

- Warranty period is automatically increased with the time interval, in days, between Customer sending the module(s) for test/service, per carrier's records and Customer's receipt of tested/serviced/exchanged module(s), per carrier's records.

The above procedure may be modified, subject to mutual agreement by Customer and Vendor.


Coppell TV Repair LLC does not guarantee or advertise that any of the repairs it offers is guaranteed to restore functionality to the appliance utilizing the serviced module(s).

Coppell TV Repair LLC will not cover losses resulting from incorrect or incomplete appliance troubleshooting, improper handling and any other possible activity that is not under direct control and supervision of the company.