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If your SOYO MT-SYTPT3227AB is completely dead or refuses to power on and stay on or comes on without an image you may need this repair service.

Coppell TV Repair offers a REPAIR SERVICE for the power supply board of SOYO MT-SYTPT3227AB LCD TV as shown in the picture.

REPAIR SERVICE means that you have to send in a malfunctioning board which we will diagnose, service, test and return back to you.

You do that by clicking the "Initiate service request" button on the page and following instructions from there. You will receive an email with shipping instructions. Naturally you end up paying for shipping the board in both directions and if we are unable to fix the board that is the only cost you will end up paying.

If the board is bad and we are successful repairing it then you will pay the advertised service cost, which also includes the return shipping charges to anywhere in USA.

Please make sure your TV has the same board before proceeding with this service or contact us if yours is different to see if we offer repair service for it.

Failure in this board is usually indicated by a completely dead TV (no front LED even available) or just short flash of the LED at the front of the TV (turn on and right back off) upon attempt to turn on the TV, or slow activation of the TV once the power button is pressed.

Some of these symptoms can be caused by other boards too, though, so do not jump into conclusions!

A TV coming on, for example, but having nothing on the screen is more likely to be caused by bad inverter boards (search our store or contact us if you need replacements for those!).


We require that all boards we receive are physically intact and without traces of tampering.

It is not unusual for a board to get some traces of burning when a component fails and shorts and more often than not those are actually minimal damages that can be resolved.

At any rate, they are often easier to isolate and repair than the damages caused by another human in their attemots to fix board. This is just a statistical fact.

We will not flatly reject every single board with traces from previous repairs, but we do reserve the right to do so at any time and we will also NOT supply warranty on a board that was previously serviced if we decide to take it in for service.


Typical turnaround time is 2 business days. It is not guaranteed, though, as we can't control the volume of boards that arrive on a given day or the damage on the board.

Sometimes the damage extends beyond the common failures that this service covers for a fixed price. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to know that upfront. We try to repair everything that comes our way - this is our business - but when we break even on a board we will contact you and tell you that it is not worth repairing. In those rare cases we will return the board restored in to the best of our abilities to its original state, issue refund and ask you to cancel the sale on eBay.

It is not a nice experience for either side, but it is part of the business and it is best that we both know it upfront.


We do not charge anything in advance.

To initiate service, just follow the button at the top of the page , fill-in the form to get shipping instructions and send the board to us.

Customer is always responsbile for return shipping costs. We do not surcharge or try to profit from those, in fact if you send us a pre-paid return shipping label we will not charge you anything for return S&H!

If a board we receive tests funtional you will be contacted with options, the first of which is getting it back and paying us our minimal diagnostic / testning fee (currently up to $25 for a single board - actual price depends on difficulty and risk testing it; read more details in this article).

If board is bad then we proceed to servicing it and if we succeed you will owe the amount stated this listing. We will not be contacting you to say we are successful, we will directly send you a payment request and upon receiving payment will send the board back.

If we do not succeed then we will be in touch you will not owe us for the time and resources spent on the board.



Unless otherwsie stated all our repairs carry a standard 60 days warranty during which customer is only responsible for sending the serviced module(s) back to us.

This is not valid for boards with previous traces of tampering for which we do not offer warranty even if we accept them for service and repair them successfuly.