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This is a repair kit for the most common problem encountered in power board BN44-00167A/B/C used in certain Samsung LCD TVs.

Coppell TV Repair offers you a repair kit for the most common problem encountered in power board BN44-00167A/B/C used in certain Samsung LCD TVs.

Typical syndrom is requing a few attempts to power on before it finally does or, after a period of using this technique, eventually coming to completely dead and refusing to power on unit.

It is caused by bad filter capacitors at the output of the board and actual capacitors can be seen swollen at the upper right corner of the board.

Manufacturers often save a cent or two at the cost of using lower-grade capacitors (usually lower voltage) or just cheaper versions where they could go for either a better quality or at least higher rated components, which may not be of such a great quality, but being highly rated simply means they have much bigger treshold against issues that typically lead to their failure - mostly breakup voltage and temperature.

This kit contains capacitors that we ourselves use in repairing those boards.

It requires a simple soldering iron and basic soldering skills. It is considered an easy repair job even for novice, but it is always good to remind that to avoid risk of electrical shock any such repairs must be done only after leaving the TV disconnected from power for at least 15 minutes.

We - Coppell TV Repair - specialize in component level module repair for LCD, LED and plasma TVs.

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