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A2195346A / 1-982-656-11 / A-2195-346-A DPS BOARD for SONY XBR-65X935D, XBR-65X937D etc - upgraded, test, $50 CORE credit

Buy an upgraded and tested DPS board A2195346A / 1-982-656-11 for your 65'' LED TV, then send your old one to receive the advertised credit. Read the listing for full details.

Out of stock

( alternatives are available – see below )

This board is out of stock, but the following options are available:

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers functional replacement for SONY DPS board A2195346A / 1-982-656-11 shown in the picture and used in SONY XBR-65X935D, SONY XBR-65X937D and possibly other Sony LED TV models.


You are purchasing a functional module that is same or 100% compatible with the one advertised in the subject of this listing.

Upon receiving and installing the module in your set you have the option to return your old malfunctioning dud and receive credit towards the purchase price shown here, subject to the below listed conditions.

The board you will receive can be brand new, used or, most commonly, a board serviced by us, Coppell TV Repair LLC.

Unless it is brand new (which is rare for the modules we offer as we specialize in servicing hard to find or expensive TV boards) it is guaranteed the board will be tested by our staff and there will be a label on it attesting to it.

Before placing an order please ensure that this is indeed the board in your set by comparing the number on it.

Failure symptoms

The most common and widespread failure in the DPS board used Sony XBR-55X930D, Sony XBR-65X930D,  Sony XBR-65X935D and Sony XBR-65X937D results in a totally dead TV - no front LED indication, no response from button or remote - just totally and literally dead.

This is due to a well documented failure that kills the standby voltage needed by the main board to at least start the TV, even in a standby mode, and provide minimal means of indication that it is ready to accept a command.

This in turn is due to an engineering omission by the side of Sony and/or component design mishap.

Whichever is the case, the solution to the problem involves incorporating additional component that increases the board's durability by decreasing the stress on the failing component and thus lowering the odds of the same failure.

Note, however, that in time the DPS board (which does a whole lot more than providing the said standby voltage) may also fail for other reasons and show different failure symptoms.

Also note that this is certainly not the only reason why a TV may appear totally dead! The main power board and the main logic board (often referred to as the motherboard) may also fail in a way - say due to a power surge - that would also render the TV totally dead.

The most simple way to test if the DPS board is bad is to check if it outputs 3.3V-3.4V at the topmost pin of the power connector that outputs power to the main board (top right corner as installed in the TV).
That is regardless of whether the TV is on or off, just as long it is connected to power via the main plug.

If 24V enter the DPS board and 3.3V are missing at the topmost pin then it is virtually certain the DPS board is bad.

For maximum certainty the test should be done when the main board is disconnected from the DPS board because if it is connected and if it was damaged by a power surge there is a possibility (even if low!) that it may be shorting the standby line itself.


Unless otherwise explicitly stated elsewhere in the listing the boards we sell come with a standard 90 days warranty.

Customer is responsible for return shipping and Coppell TV Repair LLC is responsible for shipping back to customer. Returned boards subject to exchange, service or refund, subject to availability and agreement by Coppell TV Repair LLC and customer.

Returned boards must carry the Coppell TV Repair LLC identification stamp or label and must not have been damaged, modified or otherwise tampered with in order for warranty coverage to remain in force.

Boards returned with request for refund / order cancellation will be subject to restocking fee covering forward shipping cost, transaction cost and $10 fee for the board testing needed prior to slating it for sale again.


Upon receiving and installing the purchased module buyers can return the old one to receive the advertised credit. Returns are optional and buyer's responsibility; it is usually OK to reuse the original packaging unless it was visibly damaged beyond normal use (in which case we usually hear from buyers anyway).

The credit will normally be issued as a partial refund towards your original payment; when this is impossible or inapplicable we may use other forms of payment such as PayPal or check.

It takes 2-5 business days after the delivery of your board to us for it to be processed and the refund issued.

In order to receive the full advertised credit the returned dud must meet all of the following conditions:

1) It must be sent back within 14 calendar days of the delivery of the module you purchased from us, both per carriers' records. Make sure you keep your tracking number, you may need it!

2) The board must arrive in good physical condition allowing subsequent repair and reuse of the board. Sometimes when components fail and burn they also leave burn marks on the board. Most of the time such traces are not affecting the ability to restore the board's functionality, but in some extreme cases this may be a problem.

3) The board must not have missing or replaced components or have otherwise been tampered with, nor should it show signs of chemical damage like rust or corrosion of the PCB tracks, whether exposed or under protective coating. Sometimes hard to spot at first, corrosion is a major problem that most of the time is not worth pursuing.

Exceptions vary from all 3 listed conditions, but we reserve the right to be the judge on whether your board qualifies for an exception.

If a board arrives that does not meet the above conditions and we do not consider it appropriate for extension we will contact you and offer you to get it back for the sole cost of the return shipping and/or offer you a trade-in price we consider reflecting its condition.

The returned module must arrive in good physical condition and without previous traces of repairs or tampering in order to qualify for the full advertised credit.

Modules that do not meet those criteria will be subjected to partial refund or no refund at all (depending on their condition and trade-in value).

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