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Sony KD-60X690E power 1-897-219-11 / FSP188-3PSZ01 / 3BS0429112GP / 880400U00-525-G - serviced, tested, $50 credit for old dud

Up for sale is verified functional power supply 1-897-219-11 for Sony KD-60X690E LED TV with option to trade back the old dud.

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( alternatives are available – see below )

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you power supply board 1-897-219-11 / FSP188-3PSZ01 / 3BS0429112GP / 880400U00-525-G as shown on the picture and used in Sony KD-60X690E LED TV.



Power supply boards can fail in different ways. We have likely not seen most of the ways this power supply board could fail, but here are the ways we've seen :

  • Totally dead TV, showing no indication of power , no front LED and no response to attempt to power on via unit or remote power on button; main power supply fuse (next to the AC connector) tests open and sometimes there are visible signs of burn under or above the board, next to transistors mounted on heat sinks - any of these signs is a definite sign of a power supply failure; it is possible, but not likely there would be other failures  in the TV;

  • TV showing standby power LED and (usually) responding to power on command by flashing front LED indicator; display may come on after a few attempts to power on, but over time it gets to a point where it just won't start.
    On the PSU low voltage can sometimes be observed for Vs and Va voltages.
    Note that a very similar issue can be also caused by a failure in the Y-Main board with only difference that when YSUS is bad the Vs and Va voltages coming out of the PSU would NOT stay constant - they would raise to (usually) proper values and then start fading down.

For some notes on those power boards see


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    Upon receiving and installing the purchased module buyers can return the old one to receive the advertised credit. Returns are optional and buyer's responsibility; it is usually OK to reuse the original packaging unless it was visibly damaged beyond normal use (in which case we usually hear from buyers anyway).

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    2) The board must arrive in good physical condition allowing subsequent repair and reuse of the board. Sometimes when components fail and burn they also leave burn marks on the board. Most of the time such traces are not affecting the ability to restore the board's functionality, but in some extreme cases this may be a problem.

    3) The board must not have missing or replaced components or have otherwise been tampered with, nor should it show signs of chemical damage like rust or corrosion of the PCB tracks, whether exposed or under protective coating. Sometimes hard to spot at first, corrosion is a major problem that most of the time is not worth pursuing.

    Exceptions vary from all 3 listed conditions, but we reserve the right to be the judge on whether your board qualifies for an exception.

    If a board arrives that does not meet the above conditions and we do not consider it appropriate for extension we will contact you and offer you to get it back for the sole cost of the return shipping and/or offer you a trade-in price we consider reflecting its condition.

    The returned module must arrive in good physical condition and without previous traces of repairs or tampering in order to qualify for the full advertised credit.

    Modules that do not meet those criteria will be subjected to partial refund or no refund at all (depending on their condition and trade-in value).