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If your Sanyo DP42848 P42848-00 turns on and then right back off chances are its main board needs this repair service!


Coppell TV Repair offers a REPAIR SERVICE for some common problems found in Sanyo DP42848 / P42848-00 LCD TV.

REPAIR SERVICE means you have to pull out and send one or more modules from your TV so that we can service, test and return them back.

How does it work

You send the board to us wihtout paying anything in advance and get a payment request depending on what we find and eventually resolve (or fail to resolve) on the board as follows:

  • If we find the board to be in working order we charge minimal diagnostic fee (up to $25) plus return S&H for the board;
  • If we find a problem with the board and we resolve it we send a payment request for the amount specified on this page (a flat fee rate);
  • If we find a problem on the board and we can't fix it (for whatever reason) we do not charge you parts or labor, but you still have to pay the return S&H costs in order to receive the board back, if you want it back.

In all cases you can also send a prepaid return shipping label and cost of return S&H will be accordingly substracted to the payment request sent to you.

To start the process click the "Initiate service request" button at the top right corner of the page.

Failure symptoms

There is no universal and guaranteed symptom guaranteeing that you need your main board repaired.

From past experience we can tell you that the following are symptoms caused by a failed main board, but that they may also be caused by failure in other boards (e.g. power supply):

1) Your TV responds to power on command, the front power LED lights green, stays on for 2-3 seconds and then turns right back off. Trying this three times in a row usually locks out the TV and it needs to be disconnected from AC for 20-30 seconds in order to get it to respond to power on command.

2) If the TV powers on (the front green LED gets green) and it stays on, but the TV does not respond to any commands, including turn off command, it is almost certain the problem is in the main board.
There may or may not be backlight , but there is normally nothing on the display.

3) If your TV is operational, but you get the same error message on all HDMI inputs that this is DVI input then you are likely having a failed main board.

Required modules

To use this service you will need to send us the main board N4VJ as shown on the picture.

It is accessible by unscrewing the two bolts that hold a panel on the back of the TV and sliding off the panel to the right.

The board itself is on the right side (the one to the left is the power supply board). All you need to do is disconnect the cables from the board (simple pulling, but make sure to hold the connectors, not the cables) and then unscrewing the bolts holding the board itsef.

IMPORTANT: Sanyo often releases several different variants within the same major TV model label.

For example Sanyo model DP42840 chassis P42840-01 is completely different internally from chassis P42840-02 of the same model.

It is important that you double check the chassis of the TV you are repairing against the one in the title of this listing and also (for double protection) comare the main board model and look against the one listed and shown here.

Coppell TV Repair will not cover expenses caused by confusion on customer's end!

Processing time

Typical processing time for the repair is within two business days; if we have any probems that require more time (be it overload or technical problems) we will contact you with an update and request for more time.

We have a fairly high success ratio, but we still do not guarantee success; if we can't get the board to work, though, you will not need to pay.


Presently we do not charge in advance for repair services.

Instead, once the board(s) are received, tested, found to be defective, serviced and tested again to success we send a payment request to the customer.

If something along the process - such as unexpected difficulty or finding a board to be functional - arises we contact the customer via email and/or phone and disscuss options.

Minimal charge / diagnostic fee

If a board arrives and is determined to be functional we charge up to $25 for diagnostic fee.

For explanation of why do we do that please read this article.

Board requirements

We ask that the board arrives here in good physical condition and without traces of tampering. If someone (other than us, that is) has already attempted to service the board then please contact us with a description/pictures and do not directly place an order. We reserve the right to refuse service to boards that have signs of repair attempts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.