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Contains the two essential components needed to repair 99% of the failures on the board.

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You are buying a repair kit for LG sustain board 6870QYE011D.

Contains the two essential components needed to repair 99% of the failures on the board.

Those are the IC located under the large heatsink and a fuse which usually burns when the IPM IC shorts (Intelligent Power Module).

Note the board and the components shown on the picture are for illustration purpose only. You will receive whatever ICs and whatever fuses we ourselves use at the moment. They may or may not look like the ones on the picture.

Unlike most other sellers we at CoppellTVRepair actually do use the products that we sell.

One very important thing others do not tell you and you need to know is that this kit does not guarantee that you will fix the board. It is very likely to fix it as the majority of failures end up with the IC and the fuse, but there are still cases - few, yet there are - in which additional troubleshooting is needed.

Another thing others won't tell you - and it because they do not use their own parts as we do - is that since all those components come from China, it does happen that some of them are not good. We try our best to pre-screen them for you (just as we do it for ourselves) and yet we strongly recommend that before soldering the IC back to the board you turn it over and look at the connection between the legs and the board inside the component!

Sometimes those joints are broken lose, for whatever reason. If that happens, the IC may or may not be functional. But you do not want to risk that.

Again, we try and pre-screen the ICs because we ourselves use them. But you have to realize that is cost-inefficient and also error-prone. Please do yourself and ourself a favor and inspect the IC as well before installing it!

For more hints and advises check our blog at !

If you want to buy five or more units at the same time please contact us first!

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