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The repair kit contains the essential components needed to repair the most common failure in inverter 6632L-0471A.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you the essential components needed to repair backlight inverter 6632L-0471A.

(Note: we now offer a complete replacement set for both inverters boards with brand new alternatives - check it out.)

In our experience it's usually just one of the inverters that has gone bad (at a time!) so the sale is for just one kit.

Our experience is that the other inverter may go shortly after the first one or - in fact in most cases - run for a long time afterwards without service.

There's really no way to tell upfront.

We strongly recommend that you replace all four transistors, even if some of the original ones test OK.

We also want to point out that sometimes there are other components on the board that need to be replaced.

All parts are brand new and we use it in our own TV repair center.

We - Coppell TV Repair - specialize in LCD and plasma TV module repairs and we have fixed thousands of modules - locally and through Internet.

See the reviews for our work and check our blog for some helpful information.

Please note we can and will try to support your efforts within some reasonable margins, but we can not troubleshoot your board remotely nor can we spend the time to teach customers on individual basis.