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These are the essential components needed to repair YSUS sustain board 6871QYH039B used in a number of 50'' plasma TVs.

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you the essential components needed to repair a failed YSUS board 6871QYH039B used in a number of 50'' plasma TV models.



The kit contains the large IC voltage regulator (called IPM from intelligent power modules) IC201 and IC202, respectively called ER IPM and SUS IPM.

There are several different manufacturers of the IPMs and there are different versions of componetns by each manufacturer.

After having serviced over a thousand of those boards we can claim that there are no better and worse modules in regards to lifespan or quality by design and production; we have seen enough boards with both LG and Sanyo installed OEM and they all fail in due time.

Because of market dynamics we can not guarantee you which model of IPMs you will receive; we can only guarantee you that those are the best we could source and that we ourselves use them in our repairs.

As long as you replace both of them it doesn't make any difference what was previously on your board.

Make sure you read the warranty conditions section to know what to do if you do not like what you receive.


There are a number of different ways the YSUS board may fail and a number of different symptoms, some of which are easy to confuse with other failures. Sometimes a failed 6871QYH039B can not be distinguished from a good one by simply using a multimeter (despite of what the LG service manual says) and the only good way to know the board is bad is to put it in a working TV.

With that in mind, a quick list of symptoms of a failed YSUS LG 6871QYH039B follows:

1) TV flashing white screen about every second and a ticking sound can be heard (if you have good ears) from the YSUS board;

2) TV comes up, display is dark, there may or may not be sound (as TV may or may not be at proper input); after running for 5-10 minutes like that one or both of the heat sinks on IC201 and IC202 is cold compared to the other or to the other heat sinks on the ZSUS board;

3) TV clicks on and quickly back off, i.e. refuses to stay on. This is often caused by a shorted IPM on either of the two boards, but without blowing any fuse on the board; in that case there is usually a short between Vs and GND on the power connector on the failed board.

4) TV clicks on and shortly after back off, then after a short pause tries again; some TVs may not restart automatically (depends on the main board) and then this looks like 3) only the time is usually a bit longer


Applying this kit requires advanced soldering skills and appropriate equipment. A 50W soldering iron for $15 won't cut it and a 100W iron is more likely to damage the board than help do the job.


Coppell TV Repair LLC does not guarantee that this component/kit will resolve the problem in your TV. It is offered based on experience and technical information available to us at the date of publishing of this listing and known to be more or less common for the listed models.

As every failure can be unique so can be every repair task.

In addition, while giving the repair task a rough classification in terms of difficulty, Coppell TV Repair cannot evaluate each individual's qualities to perform the job or prevent operational errors even from skilled technicians.

As such, no warranty is offered on this product.

If you would like warranty please see if a REPAIR SERVICE is offered instead of a kit. Unless otherwise noted all our repair services do come with a standard 90 days warranty.


Ships within 1 business day.

We ship every business day M-F.

Items under 14 oz are normally shipped with USPS First Class mail unless other option was available and chosen during checkout.

Packages of 1 lb. and above are shipped USPS Priority, FedEx Ground/Home, subject to our decision.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If your order is accepted by our store and your address is outside United States you may not be able to track package delivery progress once it leaves the country. The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not provide tracking information to some countries unless the shipment is the most expensive Express type, which is usually too expensive to justify using. You can accept that condition and strip Coppell TV Repair LLC of responsibility to the delivery status of your package provided we show it was shipped and processed by a courier in a timely manner. Or you can contact us prior to ordering and inquiry for delivery confirmation shipping method, which, again, usually costs an arm and a leg compared to the simple USPS First Class shipping.