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Repair kit for power supply board BN44-00175A - TV not powering on or shutting down /capacitors only/

If your SAMSUNG BN44-00175A never powers on the TV, lacks standby voltage or takes longer to turn on this may be the kit it needs to get it working.

Repair kit CTVR-NO-PB-0038 addresses a common failure in power supply board SAMSUNG BN44-00175A shown on the picture.

Please read the listing carefully and in full to avoid possible confusion.

Failure symptoms

Before listing failure symptoms it is important to note that any module can fail in many different ways and have many different symptoms.

The most common failure symptom developed by the board and addressed by this kit is completely dead TV; this condition is often preceeded by a period of time during which the TV may take longer than usual to start and, sometimes, shut off unexpectedly while working.

Visual inspection of the power supply board should confirm swelling in electrolytic capacitors as shown on the picture.

In our case those were capacitors CX834,CX835, CB813 and CB814.

If your power supply board has other bulged capacitors please contact us with their label and values (capacity in uF and voltage).

Difficulty level

This is as easy a repair service as they come, but it still requires some basic soldering skills.

You will need an iron - almost any will do, some solder and a Philips screw driver so you can get to the board.

Warranties and returns

The repair kit for BN44-00175A comes without warranties of any kind of success, explicit or implied.

Returns are NOT accepted.


Listed price includes shipping with USPS First Class mail anywhere within contintental USA or to anywhere where the same postage applies.

Please contact us if you want this shipped overseas.