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Samsung LJ92-01601A / LJ41-05905A / BN96-09738A - serviced, tested, $50 credit for old dud

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you serviced and tested Samsung YSUS board LJ92-01601A with an option to buy back your old dud.

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a replacement Samsung Y-Main sustain board LJ92-01601A / LJ41-05905A / BN96-09738A as shown on the picture and used in a number of 50'' plasma TVs.

Upon receiving and installing it you can send your old malfunctioning board back to us to receive the advertised credit, subject to the requirements stated in the respective section below.

Prior to placing an order please take a few minutes to read this listing in full to increase your chances of seamless and efficient experience with your Y-Main board failure detection and replacement.


A failed Y-Main sustain LJ92-01601A / LJ41-05905A / BN96-09738A can result in a TV that does not want to power on at all or one that powers on without an image on the display.

Less common, but also possible there may be horizontal lines through the screen or scrambled image.

Alas, most of those symptoms can also be caused by failures in other boards.

An open fuse (there are two of them close to the power connector at the top right side of the board) is a certain indication of a failure; however a board can fail without blowing a fuse. Normal fuse does NOT mean a normal board.

Another popular sign of a failure is a visibly burned output buffer IC. There are 8 black squares at the left side of the board and sometimes when they fail they leave burn marks at the surface. Seeing such marks is a certain indication the board has failed.

We also highly recommend opening up your TV and ensuring this is indeed the board it has inside!


Shipping cost within continental USA is included in the listed price.

We ship USPS Priority or UPS / FedEx Ground.

For any other arrangement - outside of the country or different service - please contact us directly for a quote.


The board you will receive will be one serviced and tested by COPPELL TV REPAIR LLC.

It is covered by 90 days limited warranty. During this time you can return it for replacement, service or refund, subject to availability and preference.

During warranty all shipments from customer to Coppell TV Repair LLC are paid by customer and all shipments from us to customer are paid by us.

Warranty is voided if the board is returned with physical damage, traces of tampering or removed warranty sticker.

If you are returning a board because you suspect it is not functional we ask that you sign it with a marker.

Upon receiving it we will inspect and test it as all other boards and if we do not find anything on the bench we'll put and test it in a TV as we normally would for a board being tested.

Boards returned in good working order with request for credit (not exchange) will be subject to processing fee amounting to cost of initial shipping to custmer plus up to $20 for testing/restocking fee. We will be backing up the claim that the board is returned in working order with a video if so requested by the customer - this is why we ask you to sign the board prior to returning it.


Coppell TV Repair LLC will buy your old board for the advertised amount subject to the below conditions.

The buyback is typically implemented as a credit towards your original purchase payment, but that can change and we may move towards sending payments electronically or via check (as opposied to just issuing partial credit).

In order for you to receive the full advertised amount the following criteria must be met:

1) Your old board must be sent no less than 14 days of arrival of our board, both per carrier records. Keep your tracking number when you send your old board to us as you may need it!

2) The board we receive must be in good physical condition and without traces of tampering. We don't mind traces of electrical failure, burning etc. , but missing, torn or replaced components, excessive traces of soldering etc. are an issue delaying repair and this costing us more than factored in the buyback price.

Failure to meet the above conditions would result in partial or full decrease of the buyback price. In case that happens we will notify you and give you a chance to get the board back as opposed to receiving the revised buyback amount.