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Olevia VLE-42FDVLDRB power supply exchange service (dead TV, not turning on problem) - $30 back for the old board

Buy a new power supply board for the Olevia VLE-42FDVLDRB TV, get credit upon returning the failed one!

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers the power supply board for Olevia VLE-42FDVLDRB as shown on the picture.

The board you will receive may be brand new, used and functional or it may have been refurbished by Coppell TV Repair.

Once you receive it and have your TV up and running again you can send the old board back to us to get credit (see the trade-in section below for details) and to give a chance to the next person in your position to obtain a functional board.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your TV uses this particular power supply board and not a differnt one! Open the TV and compare the look of it, do not just assume it will be the same! Minor differences are OK (such as revision number), but if the board is visibly different then do not buy this board, but contact us instead for additional help!


Depending on what has failed and the type of failure (completely shorted, completely opened, partially functional, intermittent) there may be different power supply board failure symptoms. Unfortunately most of them can also be caused by failures in other boards in the TV.

If your Olevia VLE-42FDVLDRB is completely dead, no standby indication and no response to any command, there is a good chance the problem is in the power supply board. A blwon fuse is always a good indication for a failure and in this board's case the main fuse is F1 and is located right above the power connector. It can only be tested with a meter, though, as it is plastic and can not be deemed good or bad just by observation.

Delay when starting up the TV, increasing in time until it becomes completely impossible to start the TV are also a good indication for a power supply board failure, especially if you can confirm some of the electrolytic capacitors on the board have swollen tops.

Another common indication for a power supply board failure is a TV that attempts to come on, but fails and returns back to standby mode. Note this particualr one is also likely to have been caused by a problem in the main board or the backlight inverter though.


Ships within 1 business days of placing an order via UPS (preferred) or USPS (backup option).



60 days limited warranty covering parts and labor. If board needs to be returned customer is responsible for return S&H costs and CTVR is responsible for repairing, replacing or refunding the customer.

Return of functional boards or any other refund caused by customer and not CTVR is subject to return fee sufficient to cover CTVR's expenses related to the sale such as transaction fees and S&H costs.

Board must be packaged well and must arrive without physical damage or traces of tampering in order for any of the above warranty conditions to apply; return of physically damaged or tampered boards voids any warranty.


Once you receive the board and fix your TV you can return the old malfunctioning board to us for a $30 credit.

Please note we will only issue refund for boards in good physical condition and no traces of tampering. Missing components, torn components and any other types of physical defects will void conditions unless explicitly approved by us prior to the return.