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Repair service for SONY 1-857-253-11 / A1557397B / A1556899B LCD T-CON causing shutdown with 2, 13 or 14 blinks error

If your LCD TV uses Sony T-CON board 1-857-253-11 / A1557397B / A1556899B and only starts when T-CON is disconnected from main board then you likely need this repair service.

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a REPAIR SERVICE for the SONY LCD controller / T-CON (timing control) board 1-857-253-11 / A1557397B / A1556899B shown on the picture and used in a number of 46'' Sony LCD TVs including, but not limited to Sony KDL-46V5100 , Sony KDL-46XBR6 , Sony KDL-46VL160 and Sony KDL-46Z4100.

REPAIR SERVICE means that you have to send in your malfunctioning board in order to get it serviced, tested and returned to you.

Please note: some of the above models (Sony KDL-46Z4100 for sure) comes in different versions depending on the LCD panel used; if you came to this listing while searching by TV model number DO NOT assume that your TV has this board inside as it may have a very different (and not compatible) one! Open up the TV and use the numbers printed on the board's labels when searching for repair services.


To have us examine and possibly repair your board(s) you need to send them or bring them to us.

Start the repair service request through the "Initiate service request" button on the page. Repeat customers are advised to log-in and new customers will have to fill-in a short form with contact information needed for communication and invoicing.

An email with shipping instructions is automatically sent once you submit the form to the email address you provide; it is also shown on your screen.

Following the instructions you package your board(s) and attach the first page of the shipping instructions so that we make a link between the boards and the service request when we receive your package.

You then send the board to us. You pay for the shipping to a carrier of your choice and nothing to us at this point.

Presently we do not charge in advance, but only after inspecting and possibly servicing the board(s) we receive.

The price shown is for evaluation, repair, test and return within USA of the boards listed in the title or explicitly named in the listing, provided they meet our requirements upon arrival (see related section).

Boards returned abroad tend to have higher shipping cost that will increase total cost of service beyond the amount shown.

Once we receive the package and open it we inspect the board(s) sent.

If the board(s) do not meet our criteria we communicate the problem with you and offer options, the first of them being returning the board(s) back for sole cost of return S&H. Other options may include surcharge for board restoration, board replacement, change of pricing or warranty terms etc.
We may not give any options and simply reject to service a board that was damaged beyond repair (see example here).

If the board(s) pass our criteria we conduct test to determine functionality.

If test passes OK and board(s) appear in working order we communicate that and offer options, among which returning the board(s) without change; we invoice a testing fee and return S&H charge.

We test all boards that are being sent and for every board we test we assess testing fee as described.

Boards that test out bad are analyzed and we attempt to repair them.

If we succeed we send a payment request for the amount specified in the listing.

If we fail to repair the board(s) we send you an email with details and usually only request that you pay for the return shipping and nothing else.

Please make sure your TV has the same board before proceeding with this service or contact us if yours is different to see if we offer repair service for it.

Failure symptoms

Like most other boards the T-CON 1-857-253-11 / A1557397B / A1556899B can fail in many different ways and cause different symptoms of the TV.

The most common issue addressed by this repair is the TV refusing to start with either 2, 13 or 14 blinks error code at the front;  good check for whether the T-CON is at fault is to see if the unit would start with backlight , even if for a short while. when the T-CON is disconnected from the main board.

Another popular failure is the TV starting (with backlight) with nothing on the screen, for a short while, and then shutting down with the 13 or 14 blinks error code.

Starting up with corrupt image, green lines etc. may also be treatable, though with less success (statistically).

Typical turnaround time is 2-3 business days.

This is the time it takes for a package that was received to move up the queue and get opened.

Once we open the package we usually have about 1 hour to get the case resolved or we will likely end up losing money on it.

Sometimes, depending on situation, we may leave opened box and make another try on the next day.

Note that it is not guaranteed that the queue will take exactly 2 or 3 days to process. Sometimes - especially after long holodays - it can be larger and take longer.

We do our best, but we have no efficient means of managing the work load on demand.


The board(s) we receive must be physically intact and must have not been tampered with or previpusly serviced. Exceptions my be made for boards that carry our own service label and stamp and do not have signs of tampering.

The advertised flat rate for repair service is only valid when the above conditions are met.

Exceptions are possible and often applied for minor repair attempts, but we reserve the sole right to judge if and when we would consider a repair minor.

If we receive board(s) that fails the above conditions we will contact the sender and usually offer two options: 1) returning the board(s) for the sole cost of the return shipping; or 2) continuing the repair service at a higher cost in case of success.

It is also possible, depending on the condition of the board, to eliminate the second possibility and just flat our reject having to service the board.

Subject to situation and availability we may also recommend replacement of the board, again at the higher than advertised price for repair.

In all cases you will have the option to receive your own board(s) back for the sole cost of the return shipping.